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How can I find other seed savers, the closest seed library for local seed exchange, seed banks -  how can I find out who else is growing the same variety ? You can find some critical maps and networks here.

Networks and especially mapping are key: There exist many mapping projects, most of them are in their early stages and need you to contribute ! Ideally all maps where united in different layers of one open sourced global map that gives us overview over the growing movement and helps us to connect.
Such a map should be developed by the movement itself, so for a start, you find a basic collection. Please tell us about more maps and networks you know about in the comments !


Growstuff ( A growing platform for connecting us plant by plant, that is currently going open source; It fosters seed saving, but you can not search for single varieties, yet. ) Visit the Community Map

Seed Freedom Map
Global Actions #Seed Saving, Food Heroes & Global Alliance for Seed Freedom around Vananda Shiva's important call for global co-action.

Open Source Seed Initiative
A great initiative that works put the rights to specific varieties back into the possession of the commons, "one seed at a time": Everyone is free to decide how to use these varieties, be it selling or sharing. It was a great initiative from the start, some unclear aspects as to the chosen "copy free" where the reason for not putting up the link here yet, but have a look at the map and join in !


Seed Libraries: (Network of seed libraries and more infos on how to start one in your area; member map)
 (Member map on, as the one above is often out of function )

How to Create Your Own Seed Lending Library ( Wonderful how-to article with links to more free materials. )


Seed Networks:

Focus US:

Seed Savers Exchange
(Largest network, open for global participation, no map, unhappily)

Organic Seed Aliance (Farmer Seed Stewardship map)

Focus Australia : 

Seed Savers (map of local seed networks)

Focus Asia / Global:

Vananda Shiva's

Focus Europe:

Seed Sovereignty seed-sovereignty-org (Europen Languages, no map), several key organisations united in taking action against a dooming EU regulation; list of participants:

from Austria/Germany: 
Arche Noah 
from Danmark: 
Danish Seed Savers
from France/Suisse/Germany: Europ. Civic Forum
from Great Britain: 
Seedy Sunday GM free Cymru
from Greece: 
from Luxembourg: 
Radio Ara
from Poland: 
from the Netherlands: 
ASEEDBifurcated Carrots

Heritage Seed Library (UK & Europe)

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