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Seed Saving

Educational Material # Seed Saving

How To Create Your Own Seed Lending Library (More background information, yes there are challenges, not just in the US, but they are addressed by concerned citizens (US example)  ) + Join Seed Libraries to find a community, connect to other Seed Libraries, find more information & put yourself on the global map !)

Plant Biology & Genetics
Organic Seed Treatments
Participatory Plant Breeding
Varieties (category)
Non-GMO & Organic Seed Sellers
Inspire Others:
Outreach Ideas & Resources

Example Projects

Strategic WWOOFer Village & Food Forest Concept (Ibiza)
(Certificate project  -based on permaculture design course project
course taken with Geoff Lawton, online )



Educational Resources

Forest Gardens
Edible Landscaping

Medicinal Uses Of Plants
Wild Edibles
Organic Gardening Tipps


Food Sanity
Seed & Food Freedom
Food Sanity Orgs & Initiatives




  1. Thanks for this wonderful work! Would like to share a poem.Story of seed(revised oct.2013).

    Story of seed

    We first did feed on planted seed

    Long before recorded creed

    Sowing each year to increase our feed

    As we in turn cared for the plant's every need

    Millenniums passed

    Seeds raised their own stats

    While we fought off the rats

    From the plant fibers wove us some mats

    And ground up some great oil soluble fats

    That seed kept data wasn't alpha or beta

    But the code that we're made'a

    It's all the same stuff

    Don't believe in no guff

    That little seed hull be it shiny or dull

    Are the walls of a temple

    With an endgame eventful

    Not unlike our very own skin

    With a sacred spark of life there-in

    Now someone's in that temple

    Bleeding seed for greedy rental

    Patents on life? Revocation essential!

    All the power that we need is still contained within the seed

    From gmo's it must be freed

    1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful and heartfelt poem here with us, Chris !