Saturday, January 9, 2016

January Special "Eat the Seeds" ; breakfast: "Attack 4 Health" Tumeric & pepper; hemp seed pesto with fresh thyme

"Eat The Seeds" - they a super medicine for your body, dosed medically. 

Here: Tumeric with pepper and Hemp Seeds, grinded, plus hemp seed oil.

Face: Eggs and hemp seeds, grinded ( 1-2 g ), some cheese;

Fish: Avocado, 2g of turmeric, plus pepper and fresh parsile, some balsamico; 

...followed by a recipe for "Hemp Seed Pesto "Marmite" ( as photo )

and some green tea - plus some nuts, which go great with hemps seed pesto with fresh bread.

health benefits:

Hemp Seeds:

Tumeric & Pepper:

Enoy, for some it may taste spicy and great !